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Rockwool Slabs

Fujairah Rockwool slabs conforming to ASTM C-612 and equivalent BS 3958 Part 5 and BS EN 13162 are designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces operating at both high and low temperatures.
These slabs are produced from long, non-combustible resin bonded fibers. They are easy to cut, fit and handle.
The robust fibers in the slabs combine high levels of thermal efficiency and acoustic absorption.

Code Description
2 Reinforced  aluminum foil
4 Black Ceiling Veil
Code Description
SXXX Slab without facing
S2XX Slab with reinforced aluminum foil on one side
S22X Slab with reinforced aluminum foil on both sides
S4XX Slab with Black ceiling veil on one side
S44X Slab with Black ceiling veil on both sides

Designed for a wide range of applications, at both high and low service temperatures, and can be used on flat or slightly curved surfaces for thermal and acoustic insulation.

They are suitable for thermal insulation of ducts, tanks, large vessels, oven, furnaces, boilers and other industrial equipments as well as for cavity walls, curtain walls and sandwich panels.

It is also ideal for fire protection of steel structures and insulation of bulk heads and ship decks.

High density slabs are suitable for applications where high compressive strength is required and
where the insulation is subjected to mechanical loads and vibration. They are ideal for
traffic areas and insulation of tank roofs.

Standard Size (m) Standard Thickness (mm) Standard Density (kg/m3)
1.2 x 0.6 50, 75, 100 30, 50, 80, 100, 140

Other sizes , densities and thicknesses are available upon request.

Thermal conductivity is the main product property of thermal insulation material and Fujairah Rockwool products show remarkably low thermal conductivity values. Typical figures are shown below in accordance with BS 874 : 1986, equivalent to ASTM C-177 / C-518 (ISO 8302 / ISO 8301) and DIN 52612. We have test reports at 35°C mean temperature for 40 kg/m3 and 70 kg/m3 nominal densities and at different mean temperatures for 140 kg/m3 nominal density.

Mean Temp °C Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) Density 30 kg/m3 Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) Density 50 kg/m3 Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) Density 80 kg/m3 Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) Density 100 kg/m3 Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) Density 128 kg/m3
24 0.041 0.038 0.034 0.033 0.034
35 0.043 0.040 0.036 0.035 0.035
50 0.047 0.043 0.038 0.037 0.037
100 0.059 0.053 0.046 0.044 0.043
150 0.078 0.069 0.054 0.052 0.049
200 0.098 0.085 0.066 0.061 0.058
250 0.126 0.107 0.080 0.072 0.068
300 - - 0.096 0.084 0.080

These are typical values subjected to normal manufacturing and testing variance. The table shows the results for their raw density in accordance with the test report.


Typical sound absorption figures are shown below in accordance with BS 3638 & ISO 0354 and equivalent ASTM C-423. We have test certificate for 70 kg/m3 and 100 kg/m3 nominal densities.
The table shows the test results for their raw density in accordance with the test report.

Hz 30 kg/m3 50 kg/m3 80 kg/m3 100 kg/m3 140 kg/m3
125 0.22 0.22 0.23 0.23 0.22
250 0.60 0.62 0.64 0.66 0.66
500 0.86 0.88 0.98 1.05 1.05
1000 0.92 0.95 1.04 1.07 1.06
2000 0.99 1.02 1.03 1.05 1.01
4000 0.98 0.99 0.98 0.97 0.96

Note that components of the whole system should be considered for the Sound Absorption requirement.

Table below shows typical data of compression resistance in accordance with ASTM C-165 @ 10%.

Density Kg/m3  30   50   60   80   100   140 
Compressive Resistance KPa 1.2 2.5 3.5 6.0 12.0 24.0

Rockwool Insulation has a service temperature of 780°C when tested in accordance with DIN 52271 for 80mm thickness and 100 kg/m3 density. However there is possible deviation for lower densities.

The user is advised that it is possible that the maximum use temperature of facings and adhesives is lower than the maximum use temperature of the insulation .The user shall ensure that sufficient thickness shall be installed so none of these accessory items (facings and adhesives) are exposed to temperatures above their maximum use temperature.

Non-combustible when tested in accordance with BS-476 part 4, ASTM E-136 and BS EN ISO 1182. Class A, when tested in accordance with ASTM E-84. The products have been tested following BS EN ISO 1182 and BS EN ISO 1716 and shown a reaction to fire performance of Class A1 following BS EN 13501-1 and can be considered as non-combustible.

Rot-proof, non-hygroscopic, will not sustain vermin and will not encourage growth of bacteria, mold or fungi.

Compatible with all other forms of material with which it is likely to come in contact in normal industrial and building applications.

Chemically neutral with a pH value of 7-8 when tested in accordance with BS 2972 : Section 22. It will neither cause nor promote corrosion. It meets the requirements of ASTM C-795 the standard specification for thermal insulation for use in contact with austenitic stainless steel when measured according to standard methods of ASTM C - 692 (Corrosion Test) and ASTM C -871 (Chemical Analysis). It contains low level of chlorides when tested in accordance with BS 2972 : Section 21, ASTM C-871 and AGI Q 135.


Asbestos free and shot content is very low when tested as per  ASTM C-1335 and BS 2972: Section 14. 

Supplied in shrink wrapped polyethylene sheet.

For further details of information on technical data, specialist product information, applications, heat loss calculations or economic thickness, our Sales Office can be approached.

For details on price, our Sales Office can be contacted.


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