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Heat and Energy Insulation Properties

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Heat and Energy Insulation Properties

The Rockwool insulation works as a heat and energy insulator and conserver. It helps in keeping the building cooler during the summer period and a comfortable temperature during the winter months. Fujairah Rockwool products show low thermal conductivity values even at low densities due to its fibrous composition in accordance with ASTM C-335 and ASTM C-177 / ASTM C-518 (ISO 8302 / ISO 8301) equivalent to BS-874 by means of guarded hot plate method.

Fujairah Rockwool is essential to improving energy efficiency. Worldwide, Energy Costs amount to approximately 40% of the building’s total running costs, however in the Middle East, energy costs are higher and are above 50% of the total running cost of the building. With Fujairah Rockwool insulation, the cooling cost of a building can be reduced by up to 50%.

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