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Fire Protection Properties

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Fire Protection Properties

Unlike flammable organic insulation products, Fujairah Rockwool insulation has a melting point greater than 1000°C.  The Rockwool produced here does not produce toxic fumes which can pose a safety hazard when a fire occurs and acts as a fire barrier that reduces the spread of flames during a fire. This provides victims with valuable time to evacuate a building.

Some of the Fire Safety Performances of the Fujairah Rockwool are:

  • Combustion Characteristics – Non-combustible as per ASTM E 136, BS 476 Part 4, ISO 1182
  • Burning Characteristics – Rockwool unfaced and with aluminium facing classified as a class A in accordance with ASTM E 84 with flame spread index less than 25 and smoke developed index less than 50.
  • Fire Resistance – Fire resistant and will not ignite under any condition. Fire rated when tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 20 and ASTM E 119. Fujairah Rockwool Slab unfaced with 64kg/m³ density achieved 120 min. Fire resistance rating when tested as per ASTM E 1966-07; Standard test method for fire resistive joint system and ASTM E 119-a; Standard Test Methods for Fire Building Construction and Materials. (Test done by Thomas Bell-Wright Laboratory Dubai.)


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