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About Fujairah Rockwool Factory

Fujairah Rockwool Factory is a group company of the Fujairah Building Industries PSC. Established in 1982, Fujairah Rockwool became the first manufacturer of Rockwool insulation in the GCC region.


With humble beginnings from a 5000 metric ton factory, Fujairah Rockwool has continuously grown and expanded its operations to become the largest manufacturer of insulation products in the Middle East, Far East and many parts of the world.

Basalt rock is a pure volcanic rock formed millions of years old. Rockwool as the   name indicates; is made by melting basalt rock mixed with coke and limestone and converting it into fibres. Rockwool can be classified as an inorganic material and has excellent resistance to high temperatures and possess superior acoustic and insulation properties.

The Fujairah Rockwool Factory uses highly advanced technology to melt the Basalt rock at 1400°C to make the molten lava spin at high speed using the latest multi spun disc system to produce hairline fibres which are bound together by spraying a heat setting resin. The fibres are spread in a conveyor using the pendulum method to achieve an even distribution of density throughout the surface of the resulting products. A special additive is added to the bonded material to make it water   resistant.

Fujairah Rockwool products are used for insulation in both commercial and industrial establishments like power plants, desalination plants, petrochemical plants, refineries as well as houses, offices, buildings, schools, factories and more.

The R&D Department of Fujairah Rockwool is continuously striving to develop new product applications for this remarkably versatile product.

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